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Our History

St. Paul Methodist Church held it's first worship service on Palm Sunday, March 1947, at the Queens Youth Center in Jamaica, New York.  The founding Pastor, Rev. John Kelly, was joined by the founding members in launching a new congregation in a fast growing Jamaica community.  The founders were Mrs. Rose O'Neal, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Dunlop, Miss Adina Thomas, Mrs. Camilla Thomas Kelly, Mr. Robert Ransom, Mr. & Mrs. Williams Smith, Mrs. Martha Harper, Mrs. Azaalee Hasell, Mr. Joseph Brinton, Mrs. Glovenia Martin, Mrs. Beatrice Marrlott and Mrs. Rosalyn Morgan.

Incorporated on July 17, 1947, St. Paul became a member of the Philadelphia District, Delaware Conference Central Jurisdiction. In 1957, an invitation to join the New York East Conference was extended to St. Paul. After a prayerful deliberation, St. Paul transferred membership from the Delaware Conference in June of 1958 and joined the New York East Conference, Northeastern Jurisdiction.  During the 1969 General Conference, the merger brought about between the Evangelical Brethren and the Methodist Church resulted in the change of church's name to "St. Paul United Methodist Church."

Ground was broken for the present building at 108th Avenue & 173rd St. on September 4, 1949.  The first service was held January 8, 1950.  The parsonage, located on 189th Street was purchased in 1955. The church also purchased adjoining lots to the church for expansion of the building and parking. On April 14, 1967, ground was broken for the erection of the educational and social building of St. Paul.  The dedication of the new building was celebrated on October 19, 1968. The educational and social building which comprises the "Asbury Chapel", so named in recognition of the wise and dedicated leadership of Rev. Howard DeGrasse Asbury; The "Antonio Dunlop Fellowship Hall" in memory of his faithful service; three classrooms; two bathrooms, kitchen and other facilities were completed in October 1968. 


The church's first organ, a two manual Wurlitzer was installed in 1951. A three-manual Rogers organ was purchased in 1972. Chimes donated by Doss Player was also installed in 1970.  In 1971, major structural improvements were made on the exterior which included the building of the steeple which added considerably to the sacredness and beauty of the entire building.  Improvements continued with the installation of new pews, altar rails and the purchase of a new Allenburg piano.  In 1995, when inspired by the vision of Clara B. Mitchel, the church installed and dedicated the stained glass windows in the sanctuary. 

St. Paul has been served by 11 dedicated and devoted servant leaders: Rev. James David Kelly, Rev. Howard DeGrasse Asbury, Rev. Robert Jones, Rev. Lester Baker, Rev. Delroy D. Murdock, Rev. Cedric R. Johnson, Rev. Emmanuel Asamoa-Amoako, Rev. Lawrence Charles, Rev. Dr. Lori D. Hartman, Rev. Dr. Debbie San Pablo, Rev. Daniel Asibuoh Sarpong (currently serving). Each servant leader brought unique gifts and grace to this faith community.

St. Paul is a fully developed church with numerous exciting ministries. St. Paul is active in the New York Annual Conference and continues to serve the community of Jamaica, New York. 

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